CBI Pipe specializes in the distribution of steel pipe products to the oil and gas industry. We have direct contacts with steel mills from all over the world including Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines and China. Our team is highly experienced at importing and exporting steel pipe and supplies. Our extensive experience sets us apart from most pipe dealers in the business today.

CBI Pipe salesman are highly knowledgeable and fully capable of handling any questions or inquiries you might have regarding OCTG or steel pipe. While many rely on expensive products, CBI distributes the highest quality oilfield pipe and supplies at the most competitive price with the best customer service. Whether your application calls for new or used OCTG, CBI Pipe is the place for you. Our main specialties include products like API 5CT ERW and SMLS tubing and casing, New Surplus ERW and SMLS tubing, casing, sucker rods and API couplings.

CBI Pipe also has used alternatives. We sell all grades of inspected casing, inspected tubing, new take-off couplings and inspected sucker rods. Also, we pride ourselves on servicing special orders such as marker joints, pup joints, flush joint and other specialty connections. We are fully capable of helping with turning down couplings, cutting and threading joints to various lengths and any other OCTG requirements you may have.

Do you need API couplings? We have plenty! We carry EUE and NUE tubing couplings, STC, LTC, BTC and premium connection casing couplings as well! J55, N80, 80 or P110 requirements? We got you covered! We source from some of the best mills in the world for our API couplings. We deliver throughout the lower 48 and internationally. During your search for oilfield pipe and supply products, be sure to remember that CBI Pipe & Supply is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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