Which Pipe Product Is Best? Part 1: Used Oilfield Products

This week I’m going to talk about used oilfield products. We do a lot of oil country business. So, it’s no surprise we accumulate large quantities of used oil country pipe, sucker rods and wire rope. Used products like these are excellent for feedlot and property fencing. Used oilfield products are different than other fencing products in that they are heavy, with thick walls and longer lengths. OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) needs to be strong to withstand the pressures of a well. Wall thickness is larger; cable is thicker, and the pieces usually come threaded with couplings.

Tubing is one of the most widely used products for fencing I can think of. Tubing comes in many different diameters and wall thicknesses. But the most commonly used tubing items are 2 3/8”, 2 7/8” and 3 ½”. They are typically used for posts and top rail. They can also be used as railing for applications that call for more strength.

Casing is a very strong and larger product for fencing. It is often used for bulls, buffalo and other large livestock fencing. The most common sizes of casing that are used are 4 ½”, 5 ½” and 7”. Casing can be used for countless applications including corner posts, H-braces and bollards. Believe me, if you need strength and size oilfield casing is the way to go.

Sucker Rods and Wire Rope are perfect for railing. The sizes of sucker rods are ¾”, 5/8”, 7/8” and 1”. They come in 25’ lengths and include a coupling for seamless railing on longer stretches of fence. Wire rope comes in many different types and sizes. The most coming types for fencing are shot line and sand line. Shot line is more expensive but difficult to source. Sand line is cheaper and easier to accumulate. Both work perfectly.

We offer all kinds of fencing accessories as well! If you need anything related to steel fencing supplies do not hesitate to ask. It can be difficult to find good looking used material, but CBI Pipe has been selling it for 30 years. You can trust that we will provide you with excellent material at a competitive price. Check out next week’s blog post for Part 2: New Structural Products. We will learn more about the different options that will work best for you!

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