Which Pipe Product Is Best? Part 2: New Structural Products

In this part, I’m going to cover different types of new structural products that could work for you. New structural comes in many shapes but I’m going to cover pipe and tubing that is round. Many steel mills produce oil country grade material. When they create steel there a chance for some to be rejected. We accumulate these rejects and sell them for fencing. CBI also imports and purchases domestically new round pipe and tubing. There are several different options and I know we can find the best fit for you!

New reject is a term commonly used in the pipe business. It refers to rejects that steel mills can’t sell at a premium price because of a minor defect. We purchase this pipe and offer it to customers as a new fencing product. It is extremely sturdy and strong with no fluid ran through it. Some come with ends that are upset, or larger than the tube, and some come plain end with no upset ends.

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